Steve Graham

In addition to being the owner and operator of Graham, Steve is a Trombonist, Keyboardist and arranger. Steve has performed with many artists such as Barbara Blue, Wild Cherry, Franki Valli, the Temptations, and The Jazz Conspiracy Big Band. With a discerning ear and thorough understanding of audio equipment, Steve remains a sought after engineer and consultant for many professional music artists and groups.
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Dave Shelly

DSC01738Dave is our “tech in residence” and started working with the Graham team in 2009. Starting in live production at the age of 14, Dave is a well-rounded and experienced engineer in live sound, entertainment and broadcast audio. Dave heads up our service call department and assists in the designing of our audio installations. When not enjoying live music, Dave enjoys fine dining and traveling.

Paul Hoge

DSC01712Paul joined Graham in August 2011 after working in the Architectural/Construction fields. He ran sound for several local bands before joining the company and used the combination of audio and construction to fit into a growing need at Graham. He now utilizes his drafting skill and  construction knowledge in providing pricing and product management. When not working, he enjoys time with his family and playing drums.