Professional Video

Capturing the action… and the passion

Our live, on site camera crews know how to work all the angles – literally – to give your production the edge. The quality of our video streaming and projection equipment is second to none. Our equipment has been used for projection mapping and video projections for outdoor projections, building projections, and corporate events. This technology is a current trend that has been used most recently in the last Winter Olympic Games and the Super Bowl. We offer rentals of our projection equipment to marketing, film, and production companies.

Video streaming is also a trend that is catching on. Churches have begun streaming Sunday services; musicians and bands are using streaming to reach long distance audiences not attending their show; and companies are now using streaming to have seminars and meetings with employees all over the world. We can provide the equipment and expertise needed for any video streaming need. Check out our Live Events Production Services for more ways we can service your live event.

Graham also provides video services for a broad range of venues. Our professionals are adept at capturing the fast-paced drama of a sporting event or live concert, but they’re just as practiced at more personal, one-on-one interviews. These videos can be used for your website, web platforms and TV advertising. Paired with our audio sweetening capabilities, your final product will be polished and professional.

Contact us to arrange a rental or to talk about your next video project.