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Custom audio and video solutions for your space

Install-HeroThe Graham approach to a custom system is threefold. First we begin with uncompromising sound, then integrate dynamic video, and finally put the equipment in place to help you achieve the best results. Whether the venue is a house of worship, theater, restaurant, sports arena or corporate space, we specialize in installations that provide the ultimate sensory experience. We consider the architecture of your structure as well as your unique needs to create a custom audio, video and projection solution. Our installations are clean, neat and well marked providing the best possible look for your venue is our passion! For years we have implemented church, restaurant and business sound system installations in Pittsburgh and have become uniquely qualified to tackle any problem or design challenge.

Many public venues also want to provide hearing impaired patrons the ability to acoustically enjoy an event and to meet ADA standards. We can consult you on the types of Assisted Listening Systems from infrared, FM based, and Induction Loop Listening Systems that allow visitors to listen to your audio signal directly through their hearing aid.

Your complete satisfaction is always our number one priority. The following is a breakdown of the services we provide for our installation clients.


At the start of any installation project, we visit your location to speak with you directly about your ideal wants and needs, examine the space, and assess current systems. This is critical especially in venues and churches with outdated systems that are looking to enhance their offerings with video projection, video streaming, and audio recordings. We can also handle new construction working from the architectural drawings needed to help you envision your design. We gather all the necessary information needed to provide a quote and design for your needs.

Quotation & Design

After the consultation of your space, we will begin the process of designing your systems. With our CAD software, we can create a visual drawing of the design plan for your space. Along with the drawings, we also provide an itemized equipment and part listing of the essential equipment required for the installation. Our quotations also include details regarding time frames, and other requirements for the installation to be completed like acoustical treatments, proper power requirements and best placement of Mix position, lighting operator location, Video switching, Tech Director locations, and wired intercom locations. Once approved, we then work on scheduling your installation. For smaller venues, installation may not be necessary. Instead, we will work with you to begin purchasing your new equipment.

Installation & Implementation

Once your equipment has been ordered, plans have been approved, and your installation has been scheduled, it is time to implement your new systems. Our skilled installation team can work with your staff or General Contractor to install your new equipment minimal interference of your day-to-day operations or construction schedule. We understand that schedules change and timelines shift, so we are flexible and will always try to accommodate last minute changes to the timeline.

Training/Service and Support

An installation doesn’t end at installing your new systems. In addition to making sure your new systems are operational, we take the time to train staff and necessary personnel. Success is achieved only by having the knowledge of how your gear works! We also offer continuous service and support packages to ensure your systems remain functional.

Contact our office and speak with our installation team to arrange a consultation and quotation for your new system. If you are not ready for new equipment or need training to run your existing system, contact us for a consultation or service call to help troubleshoot your equipment and train your staff.